#4 The “I’m Just Naturally This Fabulous” Gift


Let’s face it ladies and gents…whether or not you or your pocketbook wants to believe it there is nothing quite as impact giving as¬†the gift of jewelry.¬†

Who doesn’t like to shine a lil sometimes?

And whether or not you are one who likes to shine subtley or¬†from head to toe full on glitzy¬†style we at Blush have gorgeous choices to satisfy THE NEED…



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2 Responses to #4 The “I’m Just Naturally This Fabulous” Gift

  1. Michele Miller says:

    I received a Happy Birthday card with a 20% discount on it. My birthday is in November. I don’t see an expiration date, but I’m wondering if I can wait until I’m back in Anchorage to use it? It will be in January. (I live in Homer.)

    Michele Miller
    PO Box 1520
    Homer, AK 99603

    • Nanette says:

      Hello Michele!
      Thank you for checking out our website :).
      We would be happy to honor your birthday discount in January when you stop in.
      Thank you for your support and see you next month!
      Nanette @ Blush

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