Rebel Yell Superflous “ALASKA” Hoodies are here! | May 27th, 2012

They are here!

Fan favorites, the Rebel Yell Superflous Hoodies, are now in store with a Blush exclusive print, “ALASKA”

The Alaska hoody features ALASKA down the arm and the Big Dipper on the back. A fitting tribute to our great state.

With a stylish three button cowl neck and nice large hood the Alaska hoody doesn’t disappoint. The long slim body takes the ordinary relaxed hoody and turns it up a notch. Not to forget that it also is a great pairing for leggings, jeans and equally cozy bottoms.

Available in 3 colors: Robins Egg (Turquoise) Blue, Sunshine (Gold) Yellow and Black. Sizes Small – Large. {$143}

Makes wonderful gifts and…of course…don’t forget yourself.

They are a real cozy treat.


P.S. For our out of towner friends don’t forget that we ship out! Email us for more info. More details on our homepage.

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11 Responses to Rebel Yell Superflous “ALASKA” Hoodies are here! | May 27th, 2012

  1. Jessica Ross says:

    Hi I saw that my friend Kahla was wearing this hoodie and I love it! I’m from Alaska but live in AZ now so I was wondering how much they were and how much shipping would be.. Please let me know! Thank you

  2. Natoshi Dubose says:

    Hello I am interested in purchasing an “Fan favorites, the Rebel Yell Superflous Hoodies, are now in store with a Blush exclusive print, “ALASKA”” are they still available in the Yellow color.
    Thank you for your time 🙂

    • Blush says:

      Hi Natoshi,
      Unfortunately we are sold out of the Alaska sweatshirts at this time but we are launching a new one in May 2013. Let us know if you would like to get on our contact list to be alerted for when the new ones arrive!

  3. Shawna Martin says:

    Hey I used to live in Ak and came right after you all sold out of these last year. Are you expecting to get more this May? When will they be available and can you still ship them?

    • Blush says:

      Hello Shawna! We are expecting to get more Alaska Hoodies within the next month.
      If you would like to be put on a call list to contact you please feel free to write us at with your contact info or give us a call at the store at 907.677.8967.

      Thank you!!


  4. Natoshi Dubose says:

    Did you ever get the Rebel Yell Superflous Hoodies “Alaska” in I would still love to buy one 🙂

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