What’s New at Blush? February 1st, 2014


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  1. Roberto says:

    I just wanted you to know that somnoee is using the above picture wuth the little girl on their facebook to try to sell these tutu’s. She has pics stolen from various boutiques all in one album claiming she can recreate the item pictured. Since a child is in the pic I wanted to make sure you were aware.

  2. You know what, I’m very much inclined to agree.

  3. Hey Chanson,The firm “No” worked really well with my daughter but not with my son. I am curious if your friends with the fragile Christmas tree had a son if their experience would be the same? Maybe. On baby proofing, with our daughter we were able to keep all our CD’s and nice books on lower shelves; with Charlie keeping anything where he could reach it was inviting disaster, regardless of stern no’s, time outs and even a swat on the bum. Sigh….

  4. C'est en effet bien triste la street-food à la française, un peu de qualité ne saurait nuire, c'est un super concept !Quant à tes burgers, ils me donneraient presque envie de boulanger un coup, mais bon…

  5. Thanks dude, I was just about to swing the light the the right and because of your vid, I don’t have to replace the whole assembly. Very informative and details. Thanks for saving me money

  6. http://www./ says:

    great idea i need to do that too …. but you know what you may have lost inches do you measure… using a measuring tape? that happen to me my weight didnt really look like it was going down but when I got measured again i was losing inches …(dont know just a thought trying to help ) anywho happy thanksgiving to you too ! ; )

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