Blush’s New Arrivals || December 13th, 2014

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2 Responses to Blush’s New Arrivals || December 13th, 2014

  1. Diana Grady says:

    Good Morning,

    I purchased a black and metallic dress (Free People) and it is too big for me. I would like to exchange it for something when I come in today or tomorrow. I am interested int the Voile Trapeze Slip (Free People) in Concrete. Do you have it in a medium or large? If so, will you set it aside for me? I also like the Jayden blouse in a medium or large. I will try to get there by around noon so it there are other things along the same style that I can wear with leggings, I’d be happy to try them on. Thank you very much! Oh also, I lost my very favorite bracelet that day and I hope it is in your shop. It is a single bangle – very thin- with small sparkly rhinestones all around. It is a silvery tone with light rhinestones.


  2. Claudio says:

    I’ve missed so much! Bloglovin semohow removed you from my feed, but I am officially following along once again I’ve heard a lot about Wildfox but never actually seen their tees anywhere having seen this one on you, however, I feel obliged to investigate as I love it, especially paired with your vegan leather leggings xox,Cee

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