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5 Responses to HALEY’S IPHONE JUNE MARKET JUNE 2015 1439 – Copy – Copy

  1. Tomasz says:

    You are right, you did HAVE to buy that table–it is great & looks beautiful in white.I’m so jeulaos of the roses that I’m seeing on the blogs of people from CA. Here in VA, we have roses in the early spring & fall, but its too hot in the summer 🙁

  2. Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I needed.

  3. I’m loving the Firefox thing. As the Google powerhouse comes to an end, I’m sure most webmasters out there won’t worry.Just like any other corporation, they are only in it for their own sake to help out many other power hungry ventures.

  4. Hi Tammy! How great that Grandpa is still kicking up his heels with all of you”kids”! I’m guilty of the same reading “crime”. I completely zone out… 100% not there. I’m so into the book that people will come or go and I’m oblivious! LOL!

  5. with the Max Mosely scandal, we have no right to know about people’s private lives in general. Even so, I think that those people charged with representing constituents or our country at some level should be expected to behave appropriately.

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