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  1. Francisco says:

    Die legging is echt super, wel iets wat ik zelf nooit zou dreagn.. & het klopt van die schoenen, ik heb er ook gelijkaardige en dan lijken mijn benen ook vrij lang. Ookal is de hak nu niet zo hoog :)Leuke post! Ps: mijn kamer ziet er vaak ook zo uit! x

  2. Calling all cars, calling all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

  3. That insight’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!

  4. encore un passage avec des spectateurs UMP v̩hicul̩s par les bus UMP qui r̬gle la facture de ces grands concerts de propagande-il ne manque plius sur le plateau Carla et son ventre et bient̫t b̩b̩ au sein de madame Рrigolade comme le dit si bien Philippe Soler Рcom̩die ou trag̩die ?

  5. Please advise me more about changes to billing codes. And why.Also, when will DSM 5 be official? Do you know if there are any seminars coming up on How to use and interpret DSM 5? I am in the San Antonio, Tx area.Thank you,Dr Elizabeth Wilhite

  6. I am no shi fu 🙂 and you take excellent pictures yourselves. And my film camera was still a semi-auto cam! It had aperture priority 😛 so I am not all that great. Thanks anyway 🙂 you inflated my ego slightly hahaha

  7. Yup. The days of organized militias are long past. Arguing otherwise is delusional and does not make us look like a very smart bunch. Fighting “The Government” should not be our Plan A argument (probably shouldn’t even be an argument)

  8. Loved the tip about using vellum to draw your stitching pattern. So much easier! Also loved the crayon techniques because I have a LOT of old, broken crayons laying around that I keep wanting to use!!

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